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Your personal coach for a healthy lifestyle and sustainable physical and mental fitness. Book an individual Lifestyle Medicine consulting course or find your medical advisor for your startup or business.

Why is our lifestyle so important?

More than 70% of all deaths worldwide are due to diseases caused by a harmful lifestyle. Also, our lifetime spent in health continues to decrease.

On the other hand, there is a desire for the greatest possible professional or sporting success through maximum physical and mental performance. Often it is not possible to implement this in harmony with one’s own health. 

A holistic, professional coaching can help to restore the balance and to lead a healthier, more successful and above all happier life in the long run.


Benefits of Lifestyle Medicine Coaching

Sustainable Success

Sustainable change can only be achieved through a continuous learning process. For this reason, coaching is designed for longer-term support.

Customized Content

The content of the coaching is compiled according to individual needs. This ensures that the right goals are achieved with maximum efficiency.

Professional Instruction

The coaching focuses on the transfer of evidence-based knowledge. Participants can therefore focus entirely on implementation and their personal growth.

Comprehensive Approach

A holistic approach is taken that considers various relevant factors. This is essential for optimal and sustainable success.

Which areas are covered?

The goal of coaching is behavior modification in relevant areas of lifestyle. In most cases, only an improvement of several areas leads to success, as they interact closely.


A healthy diet should be diverse, tasty and tailored to individual needs


Regular exercise is essential, but sporting success can only be achieved with a structured and sensible training plan.


Restful sleep is necessary for the regeneration of body and mind and can be improved by active measures


In order to bring more balance into everyday life, it is important to train how to deal with negative influences and to create a suitable daily structure

Lifestyle Coaching Offer

1 : 1 Coaching ​

Are you motivated to take your goals into your own hands with the help of professional support?

The individual coaching includes:

● 1 video call / week (min. 4 weeks)

● Email support Mon-Fri

● Creation of an individual coaching plan in Lifestyle Medicine

● Supplemental information material

8 Weeks Group Course

Do you feel more comfortable in a group and want to learn strategies on how to achieve your goals sustainably?

The group
coaching includes:

●  1 video call / week (8 weeks)

● Competence training in behavior modification

● Practice on simple personal habits

● Community activations


Corporate Coaching

Do you care for your employees and consumer health and want to invest in prevention?

The corporate coaching includes:

● Presentations about a wide range of topics concerning health & lifestyle

● Engaging workshops for individuals and teams

●  Development of a strategic blueprint and assistance throughout its execution


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Your Lifestyle Coach

Denis Pfeiffer is a certified lifestyle medicine physician and combines professional experience and expertise in the fields of nutrition and sports medicine, among others. As president of the “Lifestyle Medicine Society Switzerland“, he is committed to raising the profile of healthy nutrition in society.